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The Advantage of Top Suppliers

Some people wonder why EGJEN buys most of its materials from just a few of the very best companies. It’s true: most of our suppliers are the largest in the business. And most of them would say that we are their largest client. This gives us a powerful buying advantage. And that’s an advantage to you. Partners.

Most of our suppliers are the largest in the business.

With relationships that go back for years as our suppliers’ most important client, we can often obtain materials when other contractors are idled by a shortage. This ready availability allows us to finish your job faster. Our bulk buys also command the best prices β€” savings that allow you to redirect a part of your budget to other areas! Partners.


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Your Reliable and Proactive Web Partners

In a world where apparently everyone is a web designer wouldn’t you rather work with a company with a proven track record of web excellence? A company who want to be your web partners?

We know better than most that the web market is crowded and full of wannabes. We’ve watched them come and go and we’ve watched the carnage they’ve left in their wake. With the web now regarded as a mainstream business channel you can’t afford to take the risk of getting it wrong. You NEED a reliable web partner.

When it comes to your company website or web project don’t take risks. Look for a company with qualified designers and developers, look for a company with a proven track record, look for a company who can provide business references and the full range of essential web services including web design and development, search engine optimisation, search marketing and website management.