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Steps to log into WordPress

  1. WPlogin1Log In. To access the WordPress dashboard you simply need to add /wp-admin to the end of the URL where you installed WordPress. For example:

    Note! If you installed WordPress to the document root of the url it would be example.com/wp-admin. If you installed WordPress on a folder called “blog” on your domain you would go to example.com/blog/wp-admin

  2. Log In

    Log In

    Type the username and password you used when you installed your WordPress.

    Note! Your WordPress login is a different login than your cPanel and your AMP. If you cannot remember your Username or Password, Please see our article on Resetting your WordPress Admin Password

    Once you login you will see the WordPress dashboard.

If you installed WordPress on a new domain or on a domain that is not yet pointed to your account with InMotion Hosting, you will not be able to use the dashboard until you point the domain to our servers or until the DNS changes take effect. Until then, you can set WordPress up to use your temp URL which can be found in your AMP technical details.

Please note: If you change WordPress to work using your temp URL, when you are ready to have the site go live, you will need to change it back so it will function using the real domain name instead.

I can’t log into my WordPress dashboard

There are several reasons why you may be getting errors when trying to log into your WordPress dashboard. We will go over a few of the common ones.

WordPress login disabled

If you are getting this error, it is because there have been too many failed logins on your dashboard. Our automated systems have disabled your WordPress admin to prevent your site from being compromised due to WordPress brute force attacks. To resolve this issue, we recommend you increase the security measures utilized on your WordPress site. (Click the link below for tips on how to make your site more secure.)

WordPress wp-login.php brute force attack

Username or password is incorrect

Many times, users simply forget their password. Luckily, we have written an excellent article on resetting your WordPress password. Click the link below.

Resetting your WordPress Admin Password

Two Factor Authentication for WordPress

For increased security, check out our full guide on how to enable two-factor authentication for WordPress.