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Draw Perfect Circles Without a Compass

Draw Perfect Circles Without a Compass

by immenseplatformJuly 12, 2019

Seven Ways to Draw Perfect Circles Without a Compass . If you have a project that calls for a perfectly drawn circle and you don’t have a compass, worry not. You can draw perfect circles of all sizes with a few basic office supplies or using only your hands.

In this video, youtuber DaveHax demonstrates all the ways you can draw a perfect circle without the proper tools. The simplest ways are to use your wrist bone as a pivot point and spin the paper around underneath it, use any of your knuckles as pivot points, or use your finger tips as pivot points. But you can also make an impromptu compass with three pencils and a rubber band, a strip of cardboard, a piece of string, or use two pencils and a paper clip adjusted to the radius you need. Seven Ways to Draw Perfect Circles Without a Compass .

Lets Go Round Again – Life Hacks for Drawing Circles | YouTube

“During most arm movements, the shoulder is used as the handle and the elbow trails behind. Explains Natalia Dounskaia, an associate professor of kinesiology. “This is similar to a whip. You actively move the handle and the entire leash moves passively.” But the perfect freehand circle requires the shoulder and elbow to work together. “The brain needs to deal with many, many parameters,” Dounskaia says. “It’s a lot of additional work. Still, it is possible to draw the perfect circle by hand, as a one-time winner of the World Freehand Circle Drawing Championship. Proves in this awesome video, which has been viewed 9.5 million times.

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