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by immenseplatformAugust 5, 2019

Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen, Capcom’s polarising fantasy role-playing game first graced gamers on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in 2012. Since then, it’s been remastered and released on next-generation consoles. PC and now, finally, it has come to the Nintendo Switch. Its initial release wasn’t too well received, but Dragon’s Dogma only gets better with time. DRAGON’S DOGMA DARK ARISEN REVIEW…

Once more you’re thrust into the high-fantasy world of Gransys as the Arisen. Challenged by a monstrous dragon, who literally rips your heart out. You will set out from your humble fishing village on a glorious quest to take up arms against. This fiend terrorising the kingdom and win back what it stole from you.

Dragon’s Dogma is, as it was back in 2012, the epitome of action role-playing adventure. You’ll easily whittle away hundreds of hours of gameplay and with the extra content added by the Dark Arisen expansion, you’ll have all you need. With its arrival on the Switch, new players across the world are finally be able to take part in this epic adventure.

After you create your character you choose one of three starting classes known as vocations. The three base vocations are Fighter, Strider and Mage. Once you reach a certain part of the story, you’ll have access to even more, powerful classes, making nine in total.

The combat in myriad different ways. So much so you’ll want to experiment with each one until you find your perfect play style. DRAGON’S DOGMA DARK ARISEN REVIEW:

On the Switch

It plays exactly like the other releases, which is a welcome relief. The game certainly lends itself more to being on a home console played. Front of a TV, but considering it was first released seven years ago. It holds up exceptionally well on the Nintendo Switch, and playing it docked especially. You’ll notice very few differences between the PS4 version, for example.

However, if you are hoping to play on the go or with the switch undocked. You will notice some glaring frame issue at times and you’ll suffer a bit of a graphical hit. With some textures only popping in when you get a bit closer to them.

Further to this due to the size of the Switch console. The button layout is hard to wrap your head around. Especially when you’re in the thick of the game’s challenging combat. Playing the game docked and, on a TV, will pretty much remove these woes, however.

While the story is par for the course in terms of a medieval fantasy game, Dragon’s Dogma. Distinguishes itself exceptionally well with its intuitive exploration and Pawn system.

An Arisen isn’t alone in their quest to rid the world of a cataclysmic dragon. On your journey you will be accompanied by your main Pawn, a fully customisable and loyal ally. Choosing from the main vocations available to you, these pawns fight independently while developing and learning according to your play style.

As you go from battling hydras, goblins, chimeras and other fantastical mythic beasts. Your Pawn will grow in their combat proficiency. They’ll learn weaknesses and become better fighters. Know the best way to approach certain enemies, all the while telling you this information. Shouting out key hints during combat which leads to some truly epic and cinematic battles. You’ll be craving for another engagement just to see how the Pawns react in their most expressive ways.

It’s these colourful interactions between your pawns and the Arisen that serves to make the intense combat and exploration so fun and appealing. They ultimately add more colour and life into the game as they’re always talking about something and noting points of interest. Pawns, with their gorgeously written dialogue, will offer up information as you travel the land, giving much-needed context and lore to the locales you visit, all of which adds to the games flavour and helps flesh out the intricate and beautiful world. Without them, Dragon’s Dogma would be more than half the experience it is, and a lot more lonely.

Exploring the open world is a reward itself. Gransys is massive and you’ll find yourself pining to plumb the depths of every nook and cranny in this stunning game. As you adventure and fulfil quests for the locals and royals alike, you’ll make a name for yourself as the noble Arisen and your treacherous journey will take you through harpy-infested caverns, spectral and oppressive woods and a mighty Griffin’s roost.

The level design takes heavy influence from medieval Europe and the attention to detail is masterful. Everyone talks in an archaic English drawl all of which add to the exceptional charm and immersion the game is offering you in spades.

Even though the story loses its way towards the final act, what you’re still given is a truly vibrant and epic adventure, one to slake the hunger of any medieval fantasy fan. It’s the exact same game and experience you know and love and perfect for new players to get their teeth into. Now, you can become a glorious dragon slayer be ye in the bathroom, on a train or plane, thanks to the Switch you can bring this paragon of RPG delight wherever you want.


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