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July 13, 2019

Using Skype for Business

Skype For Business Lands on the Mac . This week Microsoft announced the launch of Skype for Business for Mac Preview. Which is the business-driven version of Skype aim at corporate clients.

At launch, both individuals and IT managers will be able to sign-up. (although the latter will be getting priority) And try the service with all its enterprise capabilities. Which bring added security benefits, a spur-of-the-moment ‘Meet Now’ chatting option. The ability to use multiple accounts, Outlook and Office apps integration. And calling that allows you to video chat with up to 250 people.

According to Microsoft, the Mac software [...]

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July 13, 2019

4 Reasons Successful CEOs

4 Reasons Successful CEOs Make Time for Hobbies . Whether they crash and burn like Elizabeth Holmes or succeed beyond anyone’s wildest dreams like Steve Jobs, we’re obsessed with CEOs β€” what they wear (black turtlenecks!), when they wake up every morning (early!), and especially how they manage their time. They have enough work to fill every hour of every day, but some of them still carve out time for intense hobbies. Why?

Normalizing DJ D-Sol

Take the CEO of Goldman Sachs, David Solomon. When he’s not in the office, he DJs under the stage name DJ D-Sol. In 2019 he released an original single, “Feel Alive,” that Rolling Stone [...]

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July 12, 2019

How To Build An App In Simple Steps

How To Build An App In Simple Steps. In this article I’ll show you how to bring you ideas to life. We’ll dive into iOS development with Xcode and Swift. You learn what tools to use to speed up the development process. What happens after ?

The 9 steps to make are:

Sketch your ideaDo some market researchCreate mockups of youMake your app’s graphic designBuild your landing pageMake the with Xcode and SwiftLaunch the App StoreMarket your to reach the right peopleImprove you with user feedback 1. Sketch Your Idea

It starts with an idea. It doesn’t need to be big, ground-breaking or clever. Just an idea is good enough.

Sketch out your idea [...]

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July 12, 2019

Wix Review: Advantages & Disadvantages

Wix Review: Advantages & Disadvantages. There are seemingly thousands of different ways to build a website now. Wix is one of the best-known brands in the website builder product type. They’ve been around for quite a while (circa 2006), and have built a large word-of-mouth brand. I recently had a small project, and a reason to try out several drag and drop website builders. I gave Wix a try to see how they fit. Here are my 6 pros and 6 cons and full Wix review.

But first, a bit of an overview of general website builder considerations. There really are more than a thousand ways to get what you want in the end (aka someone to type in a website address and see your [...]

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