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August 2, 2019

The experts’ advice on how to lead an adventurous life

Phoebe Smith – wild camper extraordinaire

Award-winning editor and travel writer Phoebe Smith is author of eight books. On the wilderness and wild camping, including Extreme Sleeps. Adventures of a Wild Camper Wilderness Weekends: Wild Adventuresin Britain’s Rugged Corners and her latest book, Britain’s Best Small Hills. The experts’ advice on how to lead an adventurous life …

Favourite destination for adventure

It has to be the UK. Why? You can find it on your own doorstep – and the UK is mine. From searching out the old Scottish mountain huts. In the highlands, to climbing our own collection of ‘mini Matterhorns’. Teetering on [...]

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July 29, 2019

How to pack for any festival

To camp or not to camp

First off, read what not to take with you on the festival’s website. This can be anything from aerosols to paper lanterns to gazebo tents. If you’re camping, leave behind that expensive tent if you’re expecting lots of footfall and partying around your pitch. And whatever your tent size, double the number of people it suggests it accommodates – you’ll always need more space. How to pack for any festival

Not a fan of pitching up? Consider city-based weekend festivals, such as Field Day in London, Sydney Festival or Movement Detroit, USA, as well as those such as Ultra Music Festival held across the globe, from Shanghai to [...]

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July 24, 2019

Planning an affordable family vacation

Remember: timing is everything

Last-minute deals don’t tend to exist during the school holidays, and those that do are usually to undesirable places. If your kids are in school then you’ll know their term dates far in advance; use this information to book months or even years ahead, when prices are still relatively low due to the lack of demand. If your kids aren’t in school yet or you educate them at home, make the most of travelling outside the peak periods, when costs are low and crowds fewer. Planning an affordable family vacation…

Use your parenting networks

Baby groups may have kept you sane through the newborn haze – but that collective wisdom [...]

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July 22, 2019

America’s coolest motels

Austin Motel: Austin, Texas

Joanne’s Fine Foods, a classic 1950s-style diner, is the Austin Motel’srestaurant. Both fit perfectly into their setting, Austin’s super-hip South Congress neighborhood. America’s coolest motels

Opened in 1938, the motel underwent a makeover in 2017. Now stands as a tribute to mid-century modern design and style. Each room features retro-esque radios and lamps, plus orange and yellow vinyl accents that complement the ultra-colorful, vibrant wallpaper. A gathering spot for locals in the warm weather.

Beck’s Motor Lodge: San Francisco, California

Rooms at this Castro district motel are no longer $5 per night. Which is [...]

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