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August 6, 2019

How to have a romantic trip with kids in tow

Choose your destination wisely

This may be pointing out the obvious, but make sure you choose a destination that looks and feels romantic. Sure, the kids may still have tantrums, but strolling along a jaw-dropping white sand beach, or the streets of a beautifully dishevelled Mediterranean city will help take the edge off. How to have a romantic trip with kids in tow …

Yes, a Disney cruise or a cheerful child-focused resort might keep the kids out of your hands for longer, but you’ll have to spend your ‘alone time’ in the company of giant dancing cartoon characters, or worse: strangers’ children.

Space out

There’s no bigger passion killer than having [...]

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August 2, 2019

The experts’ advice on how to lead an adventurous life

Phoebe Smith – wild camper extraordinaire

Award-winning editor and travel writer Phoebe Smith is author of eight books. On the wilderness and wild camping, including Extreme Sleeps. Adventures of a Wild Camper Wilderness Weekends: Wild Adventuresin Britain’s Rugged Corners and her latest book, Britain’s Best Small Hills. The experts’ advice on how to lead an adventurous life …

Favourite destination for adventure

It has to be the UK. Why? You can find it on your own doorstep – and the UK is mine. From searching out the old Scottish mountain huts. In the highlands, to climbing our own collection of ‘mini Matterhorns’. Teetering on [...]

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August 1, 2019

Six smartphone apps for budget travel


The best way to save on travel is to know where your money is going. Tripcoin is an expense-tracking app that works offline, which is great for international travelers who aren’t buying a local SIM card. A geo-location feature breaks expenses down by country, and a currency converter automatically converts new expenses into your home currency. Helpful graphs also outline daily expenditures, and you can create unlimited trips to track how much each jaunt costs. Six smartphone apps for budget travel …Six smartphone apps for budget travel


Skiplagged capitalizes on a loophole airlines hate: hidden-city ticketing. It works like this: [...]

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July 29, 2019

How to pack for any festival

To camp or not to camp

First off, read what not to take with you on the festival’s website. This can be anything from aerosols to paper lanterns to gazebo tents. If you’re camping, leave behind that expensive tent if you’re expecting lots of footfall and partying around your pitch. And whatever your tent size, double the number of people it suggests it accommodates – you’ll always need more space. How to pack for any festival

Not a fan of pitching up? Consider city-based weekend festivals, such as Field Day in London, Sydney Festival or Movement Detroit, USA, as well as those such as Ultra Music Festival held across the globe, from Shanghai to [...]

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