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August 3, 2019

Chelsea’s Christian Pulisic is not your wonderboy anymore

Christian Pulisic isΒ but 20 years old and the number of effusive. Words already written about him is staggering. Chelsea’s Christian Pulisic is not your wonderboy anymore…

His classic speed. His majestic acceleration. To his feet that defenders can only trip or wave at him as he flies past. The near clairvoyance with which he finds space amid a thicket of defenders near the goal. The way he shoots, like an archer. The way he sets his jaw, like a bouncer.

To be clear, the enthusiasm is warranted. Christian Pulisic is the most talented player in American soccer history. And, should he pull it off, what he is about to do — that is, play for Chelsea [...]

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August 1, 2019

Antonio Conte already feeling the pressure

It was clear that word had spread around town that Inter. Were on the way back from their morning training session. All of a sudden, a crowd gathered outside the JW Marriott. The Philippe Starck-designed hotel where the team were lodging in Singapore. Tens of Inter fans hung around the foyer, an eclectic bunch of people. For which the South Korean artist Lee Lee Nam’s seven-meter-high wall installation. Popping and mixing in the entrance, felt like an analogy. Antonio Conte already feeling the pressure…

There were locals, expats and practically every nationality from the Southeast Asia region. Kitted out in new and old replica jerseys, the names and [...]

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July 30, 2019

Man Utd midfielder should be allowed to leave

Paul Pogba “should not be stopped” from leaving Manchester United, says former Red Devils midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger. Man Utd midfielder should be allowed to leave…

Pogba, 26, has previously spoken of finding “a new challenge” while his agent. Has said the France internationalΒ wants to leaveΒ Old Trafford.

Schweinsteiger played alongside Pogba during his two years at United before his 2017 move to Chicago Fire.

“If a player wants to leave the club, you shouldn’t stop him,” he said.

In an interview with BBC Sport, former Germany captain Schweinsteiger. 34, added: “You need players [...]

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July 24, 2019

Zlatan says: ‘I don’t need to dream. I am the dream.’

Early June, morning. Zlatan has just finished wind-sprinting, vomiting and showering (in that order). The hurling — it’s standard. “I need to suffer today,” he tells the LA Galaxy’s physical trainer upon arriving at the team’s facility. Which the trainer took to mean:Β again. Zlatan says: ‘I don’t need to dream. I am the dream.’…

“I need to work,” Zlatan explains. “When I suffer, I feelΒ good.” It’s a theatrical and self-regarding thing to say. He clearly knows it, and knows that I know it, too. “You just missed it! You see? This is the way I work: very hard. I always say, [...]

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